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Building a Dream Pool? Everything You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Construction At Home

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For most homeowners, building a swimming pool is like a dream. However, there is more to it that they need to know.  So, don’t just focus on the aesthetics but get to the basics of pool construction to create an enjoyable experience for the entire family. You may need to hold multiple rounds of discussions with the swimming pool contractor and explore various aspects of construction to ensure that the construction goes perfectly well.

So, here is what you need to know before constructing a swimming pool at home:

What is the scope of the project?

Designing and constructing a swimming pool involves extensive planning, seeking permissions, installation, and long-term maintenance. Apart from this, you need to pick from different types of pool, plan your budget, and hire a swimming pool specialist in Malaysia. In the beginning, you need to explore the scope of the project. Wondering what it is all about?  Well, you need to uncover how many people are going to take a splash in the pool. Try to make a well-rounded decision based on the family size, the availability of space in the backyard, and your budget. True, it won’t be easy but you need to bring things to perspective and begin the construction.

Building a swimming pool: things to consider

When constructing a swimming pool in your home’s backyard, you have to be armed with options and need to be aware of the decisions to make:

1. Understand the layout of the land

Before engaging a swimming pool contractor, evaluate every aspect of your property. For instance, you must calculate the amount of space available in the backyard for building an inground pool. Even if adequate space is available for construction, try to factor in the size of the pool, the kind of landscaping, hardscaping, and decking you desire in the surroundings. Besides, you need to consider maintenance options and how the pool construction will shape your backyard. Today, contractors rely on software to get an overview of the potential layout and the privacy options as well. With proactive steps, the swimming pool construction becomes smoother and more achievable.

2. Obtaining approvals and permits

Obtaining approvals and permits from the local authority is a must before starting the construction. Ask your contractor to guide you through the process and explain how to adhere to the building codes when constructing the pool. For the submission of paperwork, you need to get in touch with specialists.

3. Comprehensive approach

Once you have your pool layout ready, next begins the actual work. Below is a step-by-step approach to pool construction and here is how it grows:

  • Excavation of the site

For an inground swimming pool, you need to dig up the site and don’t overlook this step as it determines how strong is the foundation of the pool. The amount of perfection during excavation decides the durability, safety, and the stability of the pool. Your swimming pool specialist in Malaysia needs to guide you and make your aware about the significance of this process.

  • Installing the framework

The next in the series of work is installation of framework and another significant process that holds the structure of the pool. Remember that the stronger is the framework the better is the integrity of the swimming pool. So, the focus should be on installing the framework appropriately so that it can bear the weight of the pool and prevent it from collapsing. Explore the quality of the metal and study its features before choosing the right option. Consult with specialists to make sure that you are on the right track with pool construction.

  • Plumbing work

Building a swimming pool is not just fancying a dream pool amidst beautiful landscape. So, don’t ignore the basics and plumbing installation gives shape to the pool. Installing pumps, filters, and drains are an important aspect of installing the pool along with other equipment that are needed to operate the pool. If you want to install additional features in the pool like jet or waterfall, the plumber needs to install it.

  • Filling concrete

You need to fill concrete inside the pool after the installation of plumbing features.  It is a significant step and adds structure to your pool. Just make sure to prepare the concrete mix in the right proportion so that the swimming pool becomes strong and durable.

  • Fibreglass

If you are not constructing a concrete pool, choose fibreglass. Connect with swimming pool specialists in Malaysia to understand the installation process. It is similar to building a concrete pool except that no concrete filling is poured inside; instead the pool is installed by experts on the site of excavation.

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4. Choose a pool contractor

Now, choosing a swimming pool contractor is no easy task. You need to engage with multiple builders, understand the scope of work, and get quotes from them. Try to discuss with at least two to three builders to understand what their past experience as far as swimming pool construction is concerned. Go through their website and check the numbers of projects they have handled previously. Choosing an appropriate pool builder will help you streamline the entire building process and ensure that you accomplish the objectives.

5. Complying with regulations

Every country and state will have legal regulations established for installing swimming pools in the backyard of homes. So, you will face such odds when pool building comes under legal requirements. The truth is that most swimming pool experts comply with the rules when making the drawings otherwise it might get out of sight later and you may unnecessarily become involved in illegal construction.

Pool layouts need to follow the code of construction that the local authority has established through drawings, and demonstrated through appropriate drawings. Overall, your project needs to comply with pool construction protocols. Apart from this, you need to pay attention to safety protocols that aligns with the architecture of the pool and the one that is present in the plan.

6. Landscaping

Your swimming pool is now ready to use but before that you need to complete the hardscaping and landscaping surrounding the pool. From planting shrubs to tress, creating designer pathways to constructing outdoor kitchens, it is what makes your dream pool in the real sense.

Are you getting started with the swimming pool construction? It is not just about following these steps. You must navigate the pool building activity and ensure that a strict and meticulous planning goes into it. Above all, make sure that you have kept safety on the top when designing the pool. For everything related to swimming pool construction in Malaysia, drop in at, one of the most renowned swimming pool suppliers that offers the best solutions within your budget.


What makes a swimming pool safe?

You must disinfect the pool using chlorine and bromide and maintain the pH levels to safeguard against disease-causing germs.

Pools start leaking due to structural damage, plumbing issues, broken fittings, or damaged pipes. When any of these occur, the pool’s filtration system undergoes extensive damage.

The pH level refers to the alkalinity of the swimming pool and needs to stay between 7.2-7.8 to avoid causing skin allergies.