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LAPS™ is powered by a 7.5 horsepower motor capable of moving up to 30,000 liters of water per minute. This creates a non-turbulent, bubble-free, smooth flow that is fully speed-adjustable, enabling both beginners and serious athletes to swim comfortably. Giving you a river-like experience in your own home.

PowerLap EZ

The PowerLap™ EZ is “Plug n Play” portability that transforms any existing swimming pool into a free flowing river within a matter of hours. No hacking or civil works required, it’s literality plugging it in and voila, you have an oasis of both therapeutic rejuvenation and swimming laps.

PowerLap Retro

The PowerLap™ Retro is designed to ‘retro-fit’ new and existing concrete swimming pools, transforming them into real river like bodies of water.

PowerLap Next

The Powerlap NeXt is a next generation plug & play portability with a stunning compact form factor, designed to transform your existing swimming pool into a “free flowing river”.