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Our Arena Fiber Pool series are free-standing, self-supporting, long-lasting, and leak-proof for life. Made from the same materials used to build boats and yachts, SmartPools® Fiberglass Swimming Pools are made to fit every budget and space.

Arena Nano

Our all new Arena Nano®, perfect for compact spaces and enriches family quality time with the kids.

Arena Debut

The flagship of the Arena Series represents family, and space savvy swimming at its best. Install it anywhere; sit outs, terraces, backyards, and even indoors. It’s one of the safest alternatives for children, The SmartPools® arena is ideal for the entire family.

Arena Altaire

SmartPools Arena Altaire is the source of infinite fun, its infinity edge design makes it a style icon for your home.

Arena Plus

The Arena Plus combines the luxury of a larger space with the simple installation of a one-piece advanced marine grade structure. Measuring 20′ x 9′ x 4′, the arena plus is sometimes referred to as the “Iron-man dream machine” and strikes the perfect balance between exquisite luxury and relentless fitness.

Arena Compacte

Smart Pools A compacte is a unique combination of utility and luxury, its new internal design provides extra spaces for family fun.

Arena El Compacte

Unique L shape design of El Compacte makes it a fun packed family pool where you can relax and rejuvenate while giving quality time to your family. The additional L space can be fitted with a jacuzzi bench.

Arena Primo

Our all-new Arena Primo® is designed to transform your backyard into a resort-like lounging area.

Arena Espace

Arena Espace epitomizes uber spaced out luxury, the SmartPools® way. Measuring 40′ X 11′ X 4′, the arena espace is the perfect solution for those who want the best of both worlds smart maintenance but lavish size.