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Maintenance now becomes a breeze for Homeowners.

SmartPools® algae resistant pool surface enables substantial cost savings to operate, not to mention electrical savings from reduced filtration cycles. Designed for the DIY market, it is so easy to maintain and operate that even a domestic help or gardener can easily maintain the pool in the most non cumbersome manner. Isn’t it surprising how much to build a swimming pool in Malaysia and its maintenance is cost-effective, when SmartPool is your solution?

Our low maintenance swimming pools do not need any pool liners to be changed. There is never any requirements for plastering damaged surfaces over and over again like that is needed in traditional swimming pools. Since our swimming pools are robust, there is no expense for fixing and preventing leaks. The water in the pool does not need any chemicals like chlorine which again saves cost. Since there is no chlorine in the water, there is no damage to the surface of the pool and it is safe for the pool users and the surroundings. The use of chlorine in pool water is said to have some health hazards such as skin ailments, eye problems, etc., and if swallowed can cause chlorine poisoning. So our pools are not only low maintenance but also safe.

The proprietary LAPS™ system only consumes the optimum amount of energy that is required at the specified speed thereby reducing energy costs dramatically. For instance, a daily swim of two hours consumes only USD 15 worth of electricity a month*. * In Malaysia. Because of its energy and water saving features and the environmentally friendly method of construction, these pools are officially green certified swimming pools by the Ministry of Energy Green Technology & Water.

Low pool maintenance costs make our pool desirable for the thrifty property owners who need an install and forget type of pools.

How much to build a swimming pool in Malaysia?

A common question asked by several resident owners is how much to build a swimming pool in Malaysia. Well, a swimming pool can be considered an excellent asset to properties. It enhances the property value and can be a fun and relaxing way to spend time with families and friends. But, if you are extremely serious to make this investment; you need to do your homework first. Analyze your budget and requirements for a swimming pool because the cost of establishing a swimming pool in Malaysia varies greatly based on the size and style of pool you select.