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Mineral Water Pools

Mineral Water Pools

Non-Chlorine – Salt Water Swimming Pools Possible Using Advanced Ionization

We specialize in applying advanced technologies developed by the aerospace industry to maintain water with minimum or zero chemicals for a healthier swimming experience.

Private & commercial pools in hotels and common areas have different priorities owing to regulatory issues for commercial use. We apply cutting edge technology to create the same natural swimming experience and benefits. In both situations, our systems maximize the number of minerals in the water.

Our pools use advanced pool filtration systems that work just like aquaculture pools. Saltwater keeps the water pure and retains minerals, using nature’s filtration systems where impurities get filtered with soil, the bacteria get absorbed by microorganisms, and aquatic plants keep a good mineral balance.

The water in our non-chlorine swimming pools replicates a similar filtration system that keeps the water always soft, clean, healthy, full of essential minerals and crystal clear that does not need to use any harmful chemicals whatsoever.
Due to the antifungal, algae, and bacterial properties and the advanced filtration system of our pool surfaces, the water stays pure and does not need to be changed often, saving time, electricity and effort.