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The Arena Espace epitomizes uber spaced out luxury, the SmartPools® way. Measuring 40′ X 11′ X 4′, the arena espace is the perfect solution for those who want the best of both worlds smart maintenance but lavish size.


  • Underwater light (3x)
  • Pool and heater secured by the dry running protection
  • 1 x pool heater (opt)
  • All cables secured by the dry running protection
  • System protected by 63A ELCB 4 pole 415VAC,and MCB 3 pole415V, MCB 2 pole 240V.
  • SmartPools® LAPS™ – 7.5HP
  • Smart speed control panel


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SmartPools® Installation Process

A concrete swimming pool typically takes up to 4-8 months to install and involves multiple contractors. This complicated process produces a high labour cost, requires constant monitoring, and is challenging to plan.

With SmartPools®, you can enjoy your pool within two months of confirming your order.

  1. Once the order is confirmed, our team will start manufacturing the pool in our Rawang Factory (up to 30-45 days for standard sizes, & 45-60 days for custom sizes)
  2. Meanwhile, customer need to ensure that the site is excavated (if needed) and ready for the pool delivery
  3. Once the SmartPool® is ready, it will be shipped and delivered in one piece on site via our logistics partner (up to 7 days)
  4. After Pool delivery, the customer does the finishing around the pool
  5. Our team visits the site one last time to connect all systems and test the pool.

With our vast network of panel partners, SmartPools® provides a turnkey, end-to-end solution.