The flagship of the Arena Series represents family, and space savvy swimming at its best …


SmartPools® Arena is the best Infinity pool when it comes to being the source of infinite fun, its infinity edge design makes it an style …


The Arena Espace epitomizes uber spaced out luxury, the SmartPools® way. Measuring 40′ X 11′ X 4′, the…

Arena Compacte

SmartPools® A Compacte is a unique combination of utility, larger space and luxury, its new internal…

EL Compacte

Unique L shape design of El Compacte makes it a fun packed family pool where you can relax and …


The Arena Espace epitomizes uber spaced out luxury, the SmartPools® way. Measuring 40′ X 11′ X 4′, the…


The PowerLap™ EZ is “Plug n Play” portability that transforms any existing swimming pool into a free…


The PowerLap™ Retro is designed to ‘retro-fit’ new and existing concrete swimming pools…


The Powerlap™ NeXt is a next generation plug & play portability with a stunning compact form factor…


Our range of accessories is state-of-the-art in terms of both quality and technology; A perfect example is the…

When looking for residential swimming pools for small spaces, SmartPools® offers best outdoor and indoor swimming pool solutions. We are a one stop point for all swimming pool needs in Malaysia. Our pools are available for different budgets and spaces. We have a host of swimming pool models – narrow swimming pools for longer spaces such as backyards and gardens. Wider ones for more open spaces such as terrace and bigger yards. We are sellers of pool accessories like cameras, underwater lights, PowerLap™ riverlike water flow creator. etc.,

How to make smart choices for swimming pools?

Depending on the needs of your swimming pool requirement, installation costs can vary. You can choose your swimming pool from the options we offer, after carefully analyzing your needs and budget.


Every individual purchasing a swimming pool Malaysia model has different needs and depending on that they need to make their choices.


First see how much you can spend, and accordingly, you can move forward to choose one.


Often people end up purchasing swimming pool models they cannot maintain. This degrades the pool and its water quality which can be harmful to your skin.

Available space

Based on what space of your place you want to build the swimming pool is also important.


If you are an energetic DIY maker, you can design the pools as per your desire and add the magic of personalization.

We design, build and install all types of indoor and outdoor swimming pools

As you go through the following choices, make sure to analyze what kind of pool you want and how much you can invest in these.

  1. In-ground swimming pools: These are best for families, especially for multi-purpose use and recreational activities.
  2. Above-ground swimming pools: These are affordable and are excellent for the cold winter season to maintain them.
  3. Lap pools: These are highly beneficial for fitness enthusiasts. People install lap pools for health and fitness purposes.
  4. Indoor swimming pools: This one is highly specious and great for family use. It is perfect if you are looking for a healthy budget.
  5. Olympic swimming pool: Can you invest a hefty amount in swimming pools? Go for the Olympic pools. This is a great choice if you are an athlete or sportsman.
  6. Mini swimming pools: These are great if you just want to relax for some time in the water. They are less expensive, and most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the budget. These are easy to install and great for increasing the valuation of your home too. You can take a hot bath on winter days and soak in the cold water on summer days.
  7. Spool: These swimming pools are great for relaxation and socializing. Homeowners with a tighter budget and small space are more willing to install spools in their homes.
  8. Infinity pools: Great investment, if you want to enjoy the surrounding scenery and also relax. These are also recognized as infinity edge swimming pools, negative edge pools, vanishing edge swimming pools, and disappearing edge or zero edge pools. These luxurious pools are constructed during the master planning of a building.

Give a thought on what you really want and the amount you can spend and then you can choose from the above eight swimming pool choices. Are you ready to make a design statement and turn your neighbors’ heads? SmartPools have expertise in choosing the best for you and providing the correct suggestion based on your requirements.