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Fitness pools for everyone –from beginners to pros and everyone else in between.

SmartPools® as a river therapy pool allows people of all ages, from beginners to professionals, grannies to toddlers and everyone else in between to have an amazingly satisfying natural swimming experience. If you thought that the SmartPools® is meant exclusively for swimming, then think again; enter RiverTherapy™ and experience the healing power of moving water first hand.

The SmartPools® is equipped with the patented LAPS™ (Laminar Aqua Propulsion System) technology that moves massive quantities of water, generating real river like water currents, making the product a world class all-in-one swimming treadmill –the technology is 100% variable in terms of speed via a smart control panel; and therefore can be used for practically any application –swimming, relaxation, general wellness, fitness, athletic training, therapy, etc.

Our  LAPS™ system is used by people who are:

– facing several health challenges that can be relieved or treated using hydrotherapy.
– wanting more intense workouts for better results including those who want to lose weight.
– wanting high resistance therapy for rehabilitation from injuries.- wanting more intense yet relaxing cardiovascular therapy for overall fitness.- wanting recreational activities.

The lap pools provide the natural water benefits such as resistance, hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy to swimmers. For those who thought that hydrotherapy was not possible, our swimming pools with LAPS™ system provide the solution.


– Variable temperatures: The water temperature can be managed depending on preference. Whether indoors or outdoors, the variable water temperature allows swimming pool users to achieve various treatment options like hot water hydrotherapy etc.,
– Variable water speed: The speed of the water can be adjusted to any type of activity. From intense workouts to mild hydrotherapy.
– Variable treadmill speed: The underwater treadmill speed can be adjusted to the pace that is comfortable of the swimmer.
– Adjustable user controls: The easy to access and manage user controls allows managing water levels, temperature, speed etc., convenient.