With more than 3,000 pool installations worldwide, SmartPools® leads the pack as Asia’s premier fiberglass, composite swimming pool specialist. With over 2 decades of experience, and thousands of pools installed, we offer our customers a world class product range that includes our award winning LAPS® counter current swim system as well as the much vaunted Arena® fiber pool series.

Providing you with a river-like experience in your own home, SmartPools® can cater to any requirement you may have, whether it’s an indoor swimming pool, on your terrace, first floor, or even on your rooftop. Sustainability and innovation is the cornerstone of our offering. We are perhaps the only green-certified swimming contractor and manufacturer in the world. The SmartPools® quality assurance translates into the best quality Fiber Pools; with solutions to fit every requirement and budget.


Swimming Pools & Spa
Swimming Pools & Spa

Our Arena Fiber Pool series are free-standing, self-supporting, long-lasting, and leak-proof for life. Made from the same materials used to build boats and yachts, SmartPools® Fiberglass Swimming Pools are made to fit every budget and space.

LAP® Systems
LAP® Systems

LAPS™ is powered by a 7.5 horsepower motor capable of moving up to 30,000 litres of water per minute. This creates a non-turbulent, bubble-free, smooth flow that is fully speed-adjustable, enabling both beginners and serious athletes to swim comfortably. Giving you a river-like experience in your own home.


Introducing our all-new Aquanox® range of products, now providing you with top-of-line pool pumps, filters, salt chlorinators and more!

Pool Accessories
Pool Accessories

Our range of accessories is state-of-the-art in terms of both quality and technology. Ranging from Pool Ladders & Robotic Cleaners to UV-C Ionizers and Ph Levels & Chlorine test kits.

We are near you
SmartPools® has an established a comprehensive sales and after sales service presence in South East Asia, India, UK, Japan, and the GCC nations. As it continues to experience exponential growth across the globe, SmartPools® now prepares to power through the strong potential markets in Europe and the United States.
Continuous Oxygenation
Our swimming pools have continuous oxygenation. The constant flow ensures that the water in the pool absorbs atmospheric oxygen, keeping the water oxygenated almost all the time. There is no need to use chlorine to treat the water in our swimming pools. The continuous oxygen-based treatment keeps the water always hygienic, fresh and safe, which is a healthier alternative to traditional swimming pools where water gets treated with chlorine which in the long run can cause many health issues such as skin problems, hair fall, lung infections etc.
LAP® System
SmartPools® LAPS™ (Laminar Aquatic Propulsion System) is powered by a 7.5 horsepower motor that is designed and patented with the capability of moving up to 30,000 litres of water per minute at low pressure. That creates a non-turbulent, bubble-free, smooth flow that is fully speed-adjustable, enabling both beginners and serious athletes to swim comfortably. The water current’s flow is adjustable to meet the swimmer’s requirements. Gentler flow settings are for relaxation and rehabilitative water exercises. Whereas higher flow for an athlete’s regimen.
Water Life
SmartPools® has a wide range of swimming pool accessories to cater to every size and shape. From LED underwater lighting and ladders to underwater cameras, hydrotherapy jets, and robotic swimming pool cleaners. We also provide free consultations on how to enhance the aesthetics of your swimming pool and what accessories can work best with your swimming pool. SmartAccessories will help you convert your pool area into a beautiful oasis. Our SmartAccessories will make your pool time more relaxing and enjoyable.
Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Former Prime Minister of Malaysia

“SmartPools® is a Smart Idea.”

Leander Paes
Internationally Acclaimed Tennis Player (12 times Grand Slam Winner)

“It’s a dream training machine.”

Cecil Chong
Professional Thriathlete

“I’ve swum in every sort of pool, but nothing comes anywhere close to the experience I’ve had with the SmartPool®.”

Dr. Nick Boden
Professional Chiropractor (Athens, Olympics 2004)

“This is the leader in this type of technology.”

Dr. Onn
A satisfied SmartPools® customer

“With the limited space available, I wouldn’t have imagined having a swimming pool in my backyard; but SmartPools® made it possible. I’m now able to enjoy swimming in it’s entirety within the comfort of my own home.”

Austen Zecha
Group President/CEO, TBWA-ISC Malaysia

“I realized it provided the ability to use it as a splash pool if you will, but at the same time to exercise, plus an extra benefit that it also has the Jacuzzi on one side and on the end of the pool. So, it was a 3 in 1 pool.”

Our Track Record

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We are the Top Swimming Pool Contractor in Malaysia
Established in 2008, SmartPools® is the first and leading fiberglass swimming pool contractor and manufacturer in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Our fiberglass swimming pools get built using the AMGC (Advance Marine-Grade Composite) Structure, the same material used to build boats and yachts, making our fiber pools leak-proof for life.

SmartPools® Powered by our patented LAPS® (Laminar Aqua Propulsion) System, moving 30,000 Litres per minute, making our swimming pool perfect for swimming, relaxing, and hydrotherapy.

With over 3,000 pools installed, SmartPools® is the leading Fiberglass Swimming Pool Supplier in ASEAN.

The leading swimming pool specialist in Malaysia
SmartPools®’s team consists of the top swimming pool specialists in the region with decades of accumulative experience. We engineered it to be sustainable, environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

We have engineered our pools to solve the biggest pain points in conventional and other fiberglass swimming pools. Our fiber pools have a smooth surface texture; It has a non-porous & non-corrosive Surface; therefore, it repels Algae and only requires 10% of the amount of chlorine compared to traditional swimming pools.

Additionally, our fiberglass swimming pools have a leak-proof for life guarantee, meaning that chlorinated water will not leach into the surrounding area and the bigger nightmare of a chronically leaking swimming pool. This also means you will not have to keep refilling the swimming pool water frequently, saving a large amount of water.

Our state-of-the-art factories do not have CO2 emissions, do not consume harmful chemicals like Cement and Aggregates, or use large amounts of water. For all that and the above, we are probably the only Green-Certified swimming pool specialist in Malaysia and the World!

SmartPools® is the only fiberglass swimming pool contractor in Malaysia specializing in rooftop and terrace installations.

Our uniquely designed AMGC™ technology, our fiber pools are free-standing and self-supporting, which means that our installations do not require backfilling or support other fiber pools usually need; this also means you can empty your swimming pool if you are going on an extended holiday. Whereas; other fiber pools need to be filled with water at all times to avoid the shell popping up or bulging and cracking from the sand backfill. Not to mention blistering and bubble formation which is the scourge of conventional fiberglass swimming pools.

Our pools are a civil engineer’s dream come true; they weigh 80% less than traditional pools, which does wonders to the loading factor. Making it easier to install on first floors, rooftops, terraces, and balconies without having to do a lot of extra and unnecessary work to ensure that the floor can support the fiber pool!

SmartPools® do not just provide swimming pool for sale, we provide a complete solution that will enrich and add value to your life. Here’s why:

  • Our fiber pools are engineered in an eco-friendly, cost-effective manner while giving the luxuries vibes that we all need in our lives.
  • SmartPools® will help you cut down on costs in terms of pool maintenance in the short and long run.
  • We are the most experienced and most skilled swimming pool contractor in Malaysia and the region, with over 15 years in the market and over 3,000 pools installed in ASEAN alone.
  • Our systems are tested and proven to work that you will seldom face any technical issue that requires our attention.
  • SmartPools® fiber pools are designed to be very easy to maintain and not having to hire a swimming pool specialist for your weekly/monthly maintenance, our team will train whoever will be in charge of maintaining the pool.
  • We provide a full system, not just the fiber pool shell, which includes pumps, filters, jacuzzi jets, Ph test kit, and a cleaning kit. We also have a lot of optional add-ons to enhance your swimming pool experience.

SmartPools® have been trusted by homeowners and property developers alike. Our fiber pools were the choice for corporations like Sime Darby, Putrajaya Holdings, Taj Hotels, Bina Puri and many more!