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Say goodbye to swimming in public pools.

SmartPools® brings together the luxury, hygiene and privacy to provide you with a luxury of your own affordable private pool. Say goodbye to swimming in public pools and all the discomfort and hygiene issues associated with it. Say hello to your own personal pool with SmartPools®

Our versatile personal swimming pool can be installed in your garden, terrace, backyard and even in your bathroom. Enabling you to enjoy your favourite activity in the privacy and hygiene of your own home.

The pools address the needs of every member of the family – from toddlers and kids who love splashing in water to young people who want to work out in the pool and even seniors who can greatly benefit for water based exercises with cold and hot water hydrotherapy created with the river like flow achieved with  PowerLap™ . When you stop  PowerLap™ the pool becomes a still water pool that can be used to enjoy a simple calm water dip. Since the lining of the wall of the pool is antibacterial, it is completely safe for every member of the family. Indoor out outdoors, your affordable private pool is ready whenever you need it at the complete privacy of your house.  You no longer need to go to chlorine ridden overcrowded public pools which are infected with various harmful bacterias and algae.

All your house needs are enough space to accommodate the pools. Our experts will visit your property to inspect it for the area where the pool can be installed. Along with pool installation, our experts will also advise on what additional swimming pool accessories you can buy depending on your requirements and intend use of the pool.