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What to do with your pool before you go on a holiday

What to do with your pool before you go on a holiday

Swimming Pools can be a lot of fun, but they also require work. You need to clean them, check their chemistry, and make sure that they're not going to turn green while you're away on vacation. Here are some tips for making sure your pool is safe and healthy while you're gone so you don't have to worry about it at all during your trip.

Check the water level.

Before you head out, check the water level of your pool.

You should do this before every trip and during long weekends, too. In addition to making sure that the water is safe for swimming, do also take a look at cleaning your filter, it can also help prevent damage to your pump or filter system if there is a leak in an underground pipe, which can cause expensive repairs later on.

Test the water chemistry.

Before you leave, test the pool water chemistry. This will give you a baseline for when it comes time to test again. You can test for pH and alkalinity with a kit from most major pool supply stores; if you don’t know how to use one yet, ask your local pool store or someone else who knows their way around pools. SmartPools provides these kits standard with all pool deliveries.

To make sure your chlorine levels are safe while you’re gone:

  • Test daily with a chlorine tester—this is an inexpensive device that will help ensure your family will be able to swim safely after returning from vacation.

Shock the water with chlorine.

Before you leave, give your pool shock treatment with chlorine. This will kill any algae and bacteria that have built up in the water, so it will be safe for use once you return from your holiday. You can pick up a bottle of shock treatment at your local pool store or hardware store. Be sure to use one that is safe for your type of pool because different types require different concentrations of chemicals, and it's important to follow all instructions carefully when mixing solutions!

When you're ready to shock your water (usually in the spring), check the pH level first: if it’s high (above 7) then consider adding some acid before adding any chlorine. Also, make sure that there are no leaves or debris floating around—this could cause cloudiness as well as damage equipment such as pumps & filtration systems if left unchecked over time.

Ensure your chlorinator is functioning.

To ensure your pool is safe to swim in, you should check that:

  • The chlorinator is functioning and turned on. If it is not working or turned off, chlorine will not be added to the water and you should fix this as soon as possible.
  • Your chlorinator does not have any leaks or overflows. If there are any leaks or overflows in your pool equipment, make sure they are fixed immediately so that there is no damage to other parts of the pool system. Also, check where the pipes are connected to ensure they are secure and do not leak!
  • The filter is not clogged with debris from algae etc., which could cause problems if left unchecked for long periods (i.e., weeks).

Conduct a safety check.



Once you've decided on your holiday destination, the next thing to do is conduct a safety check of the pool.


  • Check that all fences around the pool are secure (if you have one).
  • Check that all lights in and around the pool area are working (if you have them).
  • Check that your cover is secure over your swimming pool (if you have one).
  • Switch off your pump and make sure it's not leaking any water into the surrounding areas of your backyard. You'll want to make sure this happens before leaving so there's no chance of any flooding while you're away from home.


The last thing to do before going on holiday is to make sure everything else at home is running smoothly too!



Assign a friend or supplier to maintain your pool while you're gone.

The best way to make sure your pool is in good shape while you're away is to assign someone else the responsibility of maintaining it. If you have a friend or family member that's responsible and trustworthy, this may be an option for you. If not, then consider hiring a professional company to keep tabs on things while you're gone.

The maintenance professional should have access to all of the pool equipment so they can test water chemistry levels daily, shock as necessary, clean filters and pumps as needed (if applicable), and maintain other aspects of your system that require regular monitoring like lighting or heating units (if applicable).

A few precautions and organizing will ensure your pool is still in great condition at home when you return from vacation.

Here are a few things to get in order before you leave.

  • Test the water chemistry and shock it with chlorine.
  • Ensure the chlorinators are working properly, and conduct a safety check of your equipment.
  • Make sure someone has your contact information who can be responsible for maintaining your pool while you're away, in case there are any issues that need immediate attention.


To sum up, you’re going on holiday and want to make sure that your pool is in good condition when you return. You just have to take some precautions before leaving by following the above precautions and steps. Do also take the time to conduct a safety check around the pool area to make sure there isn’t anything dangerous nearby (such as broken glass bottles), and ask someone reliable like your supplier or friend who lives close by to regularly check up on things like skimmer baskets being emptied every week so nothing else gets into them besides leaves/debris from outside sources.

Once all that is taken into consideration, you can be sure you are leaving your pool in a safe condition for your house and your neighbors.

Last but in no manner the least, one of the most important things to take care of is to have a wonderful holiday!

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