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Swimming Pool Design and Construction in Malaysia

SmartPools®are swimming pool suppliers who have been providing high quality and durable composite/ fibreglass swimming pools solutions to various architects and property development companies in Malaysia and around the world. Our expertise and experience in providing swimming pools solutions to various types of properties and spaces make us invaluable partners to architects and development companies. We are not only a swimming pool supplier but also consultants, planners and landscapers who can look at any property plan and suggest an affordable swimming solution that will enhance the value of the property by many times.

As a leading swimming pool construction company in Malaysia and the world, SmartPools® has already provided large and small swimming pools to many architects and developers like Sime Darby Properties, Putrajaya Holdings, PNB, Taj hotels, TH Properties, BBCL, IGB, Binapuri, MRCB – to name a few.

SmartPools®’s pools are near zero maintenance that require almost no care – a complete contrast to the other swimming pools that are available in the market today. Its surface is algae and bacteria proof and is highly efficient which reduce your power bills. These feature makes the pools a valuable cost and time saving investment in the long run. The swimming pool construction is done with military grade material – similar to what is used in the construction of yachts and ships, which makes them crack and leak proof and extremely robust.

The pools come in various shapes and sizes and thus can be accommodated to any available space.

We provide accessories for pools such as water temperature control, decking, PowerLap™, additional lightings etc.

SmartPools® designs are one of the most modern and innovative that are available in the industry. Its green and economical construction process make it environmentally friendly and affordable to fit in a home’s budget. When Property developers and architects addSmartPools® to their properties, it not only enhances the aesthetic value to the residence but also provides innumerable health benefits and entertainment to home owners. What’s more, the swimming pool construction and installation process is completely hassle-free and is handled by our professional swimming pool experts.

Advantages of Fiberglass Swimming Pool Construction At Home

SmartPools is one of Malaysia’s largest fiberglass swimming pool manufacturers. To meet all of your swimming pool demands, we provide fiberglass pools in a variety of forms, sizes, patterns, and colors. Our pools have a variety of safety features, such as smooth non-abrasive surfaces with no sharp edges and a non-skid foundation on the step entrance and floor. With quick and easy swimming pool construction and installation, you may experience the pleasure and delight of owning your own pool in a matter of days. There are numerous advantages to fiberglass swimming pools.

Fiberglass pools are becoming a popular choice for customers who want their pools completed quickly and with minimal long-term care. It offers special advantages to its owners.

  • Provides the quickest installation time of any swimming pool construction
  • Seats and steps can also be built right into a fiberglass shell.
  • There is no requirement for resurfacing, and there is no vinyl liner that needs to be replaced.
  • Fewer chemicals are required since a smooth surface reduces algae adherence/growth.
  • Fiberglass’s lower maintenance requirements and high durability are quite advantageous in resale.