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The SmartPools® Hydrotherapy Revolution

At SmartPools® , our commitment to inclusive and accessible fitness drives our recognition of hydrotherapy’s transformative power, especially for individuals facing physical impairments. Endorsed by healthcare specialists, hydrotherapy stands as a clinical cornerstone in enhancing the physical capabilities of patients; and by embracing its role in promoting holistic well-being, optimal conditioning, and recovery, SmartPools® stands as a pioneer in our seamless incorporation of this therapeutic approach into our groundbreaking fitness philosophy.

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic practice that utilizes water to manage various conditions and promote overall well-being. It encompasses a range of methods, from soothing warm baths to specialized equipment like underwater treadmills, aiming to enhance circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and support rehabilitation.
  • Buoyancy: The buoyancy of the water lessens the impact of gravity, making you feel lighter. This eases strain on joints and muscles, providing a gentle exercise option for physically impaired patients.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Water applies a force called hydrostatic pressure on the body. which increases blood circulation on the applied area. This reduces swelling and aches – and improves cardiovascular function.
  • Temperature: Warm water boosts muscle relaxation, blood flow, and joint flexibility, while cold water reduces inflammation and numbs localized pain.

SmartPools® specializes in cross-current hydrotherapy thanks to its unique LAPS technology. Unlike traditional waterjet systems, LAPS moves up to 30,000 liters of water per minute, delivering a fully adjustable, smooth, and silent flow. Its 7.5 horsepower motor ensures a non-turbulent, bubble-free experience. The dynamic, river-like flow it creates offers resistance to your natural movement, allowing you to swim, run, or walk while remaining in one place. This turns the SmartPool® into a buoyant space for patients to introduce mobility practice earlier in their rehabilitation process than usual, as they’re able to move continuously without exerting pain or stress onto their impaired joints and muscles.

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There are many benefits of using SmartPools® LAPS technology for hydrotherapy:

Hydrotherapy: Fitness Beyond Limits

High-intensity exercise in hydrotherapy is a practice becoming increasingly associated with positive improvements in patients' capabilities, and through its buoyant environment, our pools uniquely extend the benefits of our signature two-in-one work to individuals with physical impairments, fostering a gentle environment that is sensitive to the distinct challenges presented by physical disabilities. With a SmartPool, everybody can enjoy a healthy fitness routine.

Over the years, we've developed a track record of excellence, earning the trust of premier hydrotherapy centers worldwide. These centers have incorporated SmartPools into their routine hydrotherapy sessions for the cutting-edge capabilities our LAPS technology affords them and their patients on a daily basis.

Hydrotherapy Centers which utilize SmartPools LAPS technology: