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Hassle-free installation. Lifelong durability. Pool Service

The SmartPools® is robust pool that are constructed of strong advanced composite structure, similar to marine grade material and strength used in the construction of shipping yachts and vessels. Our lap pools are light weighted, all-weather proof, extremely robust, strong, stylish and durable. The SmartPools® Arena Debut which measures 4.5 m x 2.4 m is capable of supporting a fluid weight of over 10,000 kg, while the dry weight of the structure itself is less than 500 kg.

Our swimming pools are extremely robust, stable, leakproof and installable in any ground conditions – even in sites that are not stable or properly filled. The high-quality material used in its manufacturing of the lap pools ensure the material does not leak under any conditions. The durability of the pools is one of it’s their biggest USPs. Usually, inground swimming pools rust over time and develop leaks that have to be taken care of by additional works. Our pools don’t rust, leak or break due to use.

Our fiberglass pools as compared to the traditional concrete pools do not have a porous body. This ensures that the pool cleaner chemicals will not cause any damage to the pool’s body whatsoever. Concrete pools, on the other hand, start showing signs of damage quite early on and have rapid algae and bacterial growth due to the porous pool walls. Our pools on the other hand have a non-porous body does not allow bacteria to stick inside the pores of the wall of the pool and grow.